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Why to Use a Free-Swinging Trailer Hook

Why to Use a Free-Swinging Trailer Hook

Trailer hooks are essential whenever you’re bass fishing with spinnerbaits. While these lures are certainly big-time producers, bass have a tendency to “roll” on top of them and miss them on the initial strike. This can cause frustration and unnecessary color and blade changes when, in reality, all you probably need is a quick trailer hook addition to get those fish in the boat.

Instead of using the ready-made trailer hooks with heat shrink on the eyelet of the hook, Wired2fish staffer Walker Smith prefers a free-swinging trailer hook. He’ll add the trailer hook on the spinnerbait hook and place a piece of rubber tubing on the bend of the main hook to keep the trailer hook in place. Free-swinging trailer hooks can be very advantageous, especially with spinnerbaits. When a big bass swipes and misses at the lure, this free-swinging trailer hook will right itself as you continue to retrieve the spinnerbait, quickly returning it to prime position for any follow-up strikes. 


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