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How to Power Drop Shot Bass Like KVD

Kevin VanDam takes us through his drop shot system for quickly locating northern states smallmouth bass on extensive flats using a heavy drop shot rig with soft jerkbaits.

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KVD notes that one of the biggest misconceptions about northern states smallmouth is that they always relate to specific spots when in fact, they often roam expansive flats in search of baitfish. Power drop-shotting soft jerkbaits with 1/2- to 3/4-ounce weights allows for long casts and fast drops to potential spots.

VanDam details his tackle set up with a strong emphasis on using the right hook, plastic, line, and rod/reel combo for positive hooksets and boating big bronzebacks. Electronics also play a key roll in locating key structure, cover, baitfish and smallmouth. Remnants of the logging era, sunken trees are a unique cover element to many lakes in this part of the world. Side imaging and 360 Imaging identify these spots and allow for precise casts.