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Tips on Fishing Bladed Swim Jigs for Bass in the Spring

Video Transcript: A big ole male, about the same size. Like I said, I’m going back in this pocket and I picked up a chatterbait and you can see I’ve got some flooded grass and a little bit of old dead brown grass and stuff, the water’s following these fish that are starting to get out on the edge. I picked up this bladed swim jig and I’m throwing it on a 6’10 Denali Spinnerbait Rod with a 6.4:1 Lew Tournament Pro Reel, and I’ve got this one spooled up with like 14 lb Gamma fluorocarbon.

You see the rod has got a little bit of a tip. I kind of like a little bit of a tip for 2 reasons. Number one is to cast and be able to skip it and throw it up under things. It kind of gives the fish a bait just a second and helps me get a little better hook in them. But normally I throw this in the exact same place as I would throw a spinnerbait. I may go to it a little more if the water starts to clear but a chatterbait works real good in dirty water also. There doesn’t seem to be a water clarity that it doesn’t work in, clear or dirty.

I do like a little bit of sting to throw it in but I’ll basically vary my trailers. Sometimes I’ll use a flapping craw in the back of it or like a crawdad of some sort. I might even use one of those trigger x slop hoppers on the back of it or maybe even a drop dead minnow or fluke style bait.

There’s one that just came off that bush right there and eat that bladed swim jig right there! I mean he stopped it when I come by. Another big ole male, but I like to fish the bait, I like to fish it on like a 6.4:1 retrieve reel. A little bit faster retrieve.

This is a bait that is good like I said, spring summer or fall, anytime you’ve got bass around shallow cover or grass or just anything, boat docks. It’s just a good way. It’s a little bit different look than a spinnerbait and “¦”¦ there’s another one, hidden back in that grass!

Like I said, this ole brown grass, this bait really shines as you can see. That one there’s not bad either. You can see he really ate it but whenever you are fishing in early spring, buy some different trailers and get some bladed swim jigs. Just try to get out and cover water with it. It’s a lot of fun.

Oh man, he short lined me right here at the boat, you talk about a nice bass. I mean he has engulfed this bait. Now that is a nice one right there. Look, the blades just barely sticking out. Can’t even get it back out of his mouth, he really kind of short lined me right at the boat. There’s about a 4 pounder.