Texas Rigging Tube Baits for Summer Bass

Whether beginner or pro, Texas rigging plastics is among the easiest and most versatile ways to catch bass, particularly when they’re in cover like weeds or wood. Host Dan Quinn walks us through the tackle for Texas rigging, how to fish it, and his go-to setup for Texas rigging tubes. This same setup works excellently for creature baits, worms, craws, and lizards to name a few.

There are a few tackle variables to keep in mind when Texas rigging. The two most common hook choices are straight shank and offset worm/extreme wide gap hooks (EWG). Quinn explains why an offset EWG is the best option when fishing hollow body baits such as a tube. While lead is a viable option, tungsten is a superior weight material — it’s denser and harder than lead which reduces weight size and transmits better. Increase or decrease your weight to deliver the bait at a range of depths from shallow to deep.

So consider Texas rigging if you’re looking for a system that doesn’t get hung up in weeds and that bass eat and hang on to. You’re going to catch a pile of fish.


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