When and How to Fish Big Topwater Bass Baits

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Trophy bass anglers rely on plus-sized lures to attract and trigger the biggest bass in any given system — this mentality extends beyond the swimbait category and into the topwater arena as well. Chris Zaldain demonstrates how to fish big and aggressive topwater baits to trigger pressured bass on a popular Texas fishery.


As Zaldain notes, a slight ripple reduces the effectiveness of most topwater baits but crawlers like the aggressive Megabass i-Wing 135 remain effective given the pronounced surface commotion generated from its wings and articulated body. What a big crawler imitates is part of the fun – is it a baby bird, wounded bluegill or dragonfly? It’s anyone’s guess, but to a predator fish, it’s no question a sizable meal struggling for survival.

Grass flats interspersed with cover such as emergent patches and trees are ideal areas to fish crawlers, for they allow you to cover water while expanding the strike zone. Zaldain explains the importance of speed as a trigger – this particular bait can be burned without losing footing or fished slow and steady. Generally speaking, a steady medium-fast retrieve is a consistent producer. This is a beefy presentation so Chris stresses the importance of a long and powerful rod and reel combo spooled up with 25-monofilament for hooking and controlling big bass around cover.


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