Best Punching and Texas Rig Setups for Bass in Heavy Matted Cover

Heavy cover offers a place to flip and punch a Texas rig for big bass. A good punching setup is key to success in these situations. Florida native and professional angler Jesse Mizell knows his way around heavy cover, and he shares everything you will need to catch bass out of the thickest cover you can find on your favorite grassy fishery.

Heavy line and a heavy rod are crucial to your success while punching. Mizell prefers an 8-foot XH rod paired with 65-pound braided line. On the business end, Mizell selects the lightest weight possible that allows him to get through the cover. This requires going heavier than a 1-ounce weight at times. Pairing a streamlined bait with the correct size heavy-duty flipping hook keeps his presentation compact for efficient punching in and out of the cover. And he talks through why he has several different baits and what tricks he uses to get them in and out of the cover easier. 


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