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Spinnerbait Bass Fishing | A Lost Art Returns

In this video, pro bass angler Luke Clausen explores the often-overlooked art of spinnerbait bass fishing and demonstrates how they can outperform ChatterBaits in certain conditions. Spinnerbaits are especially effective for targeting smallmouth bass, all species of bass during the shad spawn, and offer a more subtle presentation when needed.

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As Luke notes, sometimes the bass seem to prefer spinnerbaits over ChatterBaits. And a spinnerbait’s unique safety-pin design allows them to fish cleaner around heavy grass, laydowns, brush, and trees.

Changing retrieve speeds is critical to triggering reaction strikes when spinnerbait bass fishing. Clausen constantly changes his retrieve speed and direction and incorporates pops, all of which cause the blades to flash. So what are the best spinnerbaits for fishing? While highly subjective, he delves into the ongoing debate over the best blade combinations and explains the benefits of double willow or Colorado/Indiana setups. Ultimately, it comes down to your confidence in the bait.

Clausen doesn’t fret spinnerbait trailers – sure, he uses them periodically for profile but has confidence without them too when spinnerbait bass fishing. Regarding rod setups, Clausen shares his preferences for different fishing environments, from cover to open water, and offers advice on reel speeds and line choices to avoid overworking the bait.

Finally, he discusses the most popular spinnerbait bass fishing colors, such as white and chartreuse, and reveals some lesser-known but highly effective options. Pay attention to the power of green pumpkin hues and bluegill-colored spinnerbaits, especially in clear or tannic waters where they can outperform their more traditional counterparts.

Join us as we revive the lost art of spinnerbait bass fishing, sharing invaluable tips and insights to help you master this versatile lure and catch more fish.