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My Top 4 Lures for Bass Fishing on a Shad Spawn

The shad spawn makes for very predictable bass fishing in short morning windows in the spring and summer. Whenever the water temps climb up to 65 degrees or warmer, the shad will begin spawning on every full moon and sometimes on the new moon.

Shad like to spawn around hard objects and bottoms. Floating and stationary boat docks, rip rap walls, hard bottoms like boat ramps, road beds and just hard rock bottoms can be likely places to find shad spawning.

The bass can be preoccupied chasing shad and very easy to trick with a variety of lures that mimic shad. In this video, Jason Sealock goes through his four baits for fishing the shad spawn and how a multi-prong presentation lineup can be such a big part of a fishing plan in tournaments such as 2018 the Elite Series event on Kentucky Lake.