Mastering Topwater Prop Baits for Summer Bass Over Grass

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Wired2fish connected with Chris Lane for a fun lesson using topwater prop baits for summer bass over expansive Lake Guntersville grass beds. In this informative video, Lane harnesses the power of prop baits to target bass feeding in submerged grass, a habitat abundant in Lake Guntersville and throughout much of the country, especially northern natural lakes. Lane demonstrates how wind and sun can lead to explosive summertime fishing when the masses are offshore or pitching to heavy cover. This guide is perfect for anglers of all levels looking to master topwater fishing during the warm summer months.

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While the list of best topwater lures for bass is long, Lane delves into the dynamics of using prop baits over submerged grass, a method that consistently triggers aggressive strikes from bass. Unlike poppers and walking baits, a prop bait excels on a straight retrieve, making it particularly easy for young anglers or beginners to master. The aggressive sound and action of prop baits generate bigger-than-average bites, making them a top choice for targeting the biggest and most aggressive bass. Check out how to tweak prop baits for more bites.


Lane highlights the importance of using braided line for better control and immediate hooksets. Unlike most poppers or walking baits, prop baits typically have heavier hooks, so braid in conjunction with a medium-heavy power rod delivers the best hookup performance. Boat control is also essential. When you catch a fish or get bit, thoroughly fan-cast the area before moving on, as there is often more bass in the area. If equipped, deploy your shallow water anchors to pin the boat in place while staying quiet. The video also covers essential gear recommendations, including rod, reel, and line specifications, to maximize efficiency and success when fishing prop baits.


Lane stresses the best times for topwater fishing—particularly when the sun is high and the water is choppy. These conditions obscure the bait from bass, prompting aggressive reaction strikes. Whether planning a solo trip or taking the kids out for a day of fishing, this video equips you with the knowledge to use topwater prop baits effectively.