Mastering Lipless Crankbait with Scott Suggs

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Discover when and how to fish lipless crankbaits with veteran bass pro Scott Suggs. He unravels why lipless crankbaits are so effective through the county and all year, emphasizing their ability to cover tons of water and consistently trigger big bass when other crankbaits fall short.

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Suggs shows how lipless crankbaits excel throughout different seasons, from the post-spawn to the winter and into the early spring. He underscores the adaptability of this bait in diverse habitats such as grass, rocky areas, or open water and reveals his strategies for fishing the bait in each.

For anglers fishing new water, Suggs demonstrates how a lipless crankbait is the ultimate search bait, enabling you to read depth and cover through sink rate and making contact with the cover. Suggs shares details about his experiences, strategies, and preferences, such as his love for red baits during prespawn and his shift towards shad and bluegill colors post-spawn.

Lastly, he shares nuanced insights into selecting rods, reels, and the significance of gear ratios while employing a lipless crankbait. He also addresses how braided lines can excel in certain situations and when you must return to fluorocarbon.