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How to Catch Open Water Bass | Live Sonar and Top Lures

Wired2fish’s Kyle Peterson shares his system for finding and catching bass in open water using a variety of baits. As Peterson notes, bass commonly suspend in open water to feed on roaming schools of baitfish. Consistently finding and catching these fish was nearly impossible before the advent of forward-facing sonar. But it’s not only doable but often the best program going.

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Peterson highlights the importance of using the right equipment to locate and catch these nomads. Relying heavily on forward-facing sonar technology, he demonstrates its effectiveness in identifying fish distance and direction and their interaction with baitfish. Notably, he favors baits that cast far and mimic minnows.


Peterson shares many of his favorite baits tailored for varying weather and fish moods. Whether it’s fast-sinking swimming jigs for deep water applications, ultra-realistic spybaits, minnow-imitating plastics, or the draw of jerkbaits and topwaters, his roster of lures and lure categories has you covered. He recommends having baits that allow you to fish the surface, upper water column, and deeper fish.

While Peterson admits the challenges of open-water fishing, its opportunities are unmatched. They’re usually on a feeding mission and less pressured than bank or structure-oriented fish. Observing the fish’s behavior, understanding their feeding windows, and using the correct bait can spell success.