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Magnum Shaky Head and Drop Shot for Ledge Bass

We caught up with pro bass angler Randy Howell on Lake Guntersville to learn about his magnum shaky head and drop shot 1-2 punch for offshore bass on calm sunny days. Howell always starts with the magnum shaky head to target the biggest bass in the school and mops up with a drop shot rig when the bite slows.


Ledge bass respond to a huge range of baits, but bluebird conditions often require fishing slowly with plastics, but a shaky head doesn’t need to be a dainty setup. Howell advises upsizing to a 3/4-ounce football jig so you can easily transmit the bottom composition. A big jig coupled with an upsized worm dragged across the bottom produces big bites when more aggressive offshore baits fail to deliver.

Howell doesn’t leave a school before trying a downsized finesse setup — either a conventional shaky head or finesse drop shot worm to catch a few more. Lastly, Howell shares his preferred rod, reel, and line setup for each presentation.