How to Fillet Crappie Quickly with Mr. Crappie

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Wally Marshall, a.k.a Mr. Crappie, has probably forgotten more about cleaning crappie than many anglers will ever learn.  He’s an accomplished angler and promoter, but more than that he’s a man with a genuine love of all things crappie fishing, including cleaning and eating them. In this short video, he shows us how to clean a crappie in under 60 seconds. When he’s not explaining how to fillet crappie quickly, he actually cleans them in under 30 seconds. So he can whip through a limit of 20 crappie in under 10 minutes with his Smith’s Mr. Crappie Slab-O-Matic Electric Filet Knife. We watched him do it on this outing in Texas.

Quick fast and in a hurry, Marshall demonstrates the best and cleanest cut and de-ribbing technique. Then talks about how he likes to cook em up and his absolute favorite part of the crappie. 

If you want to get good at cleaning crappie quickly, this might be the quickest and simplest video to learn. The Slab-O-Matic was also one of our top picks for the best fillet knives in 2023.

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