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Lithium Boat Batteries Performance | Why I Made the Change

When it comes to choosing marine batteries, there are a lot of technical differences to consider. In this video, John Murray discusses his shift to using lithium boat batteries in professional bass fishing. Due to the continuous use of power-intensive electronics, boat accessories, and boat control equipment, lithium marine batteries have been a smart shift for Murray.


Murray underscores the importance of durable and reliable batteries, emphasizing his need for increased power and run times for today’s high-performance fish finders and trolling motors in 24V and 36V configurations. He elaborates on his previous reliance on lead-acid batteries and their shorter lifespan, leading him to explore and opt for a more efficient alternative: lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Murray discovered the advantages of switching to lithium boat batteries through his research, such as significant weight reduction, increased power, faster recharge times, and extended lifespan. He details his experience, noting their impressive charge retention, even after days of use in some cases.

Murray chose Dakota Lithium Batteries, citing their 11-year warranty and compact, efficient design as deciding factors. He dispels initial reservations about lithium batteries, illustrating their fast charging times, reliability, and all-around performance. And they’re not all the same – models run the gamut, such as starting batteries, dual-purpose cranking and deep cycle, and dedicated deep cycle. Lastly, Murray emphasizes using a lithium-compatible charger to provide the correct charge cycle and fastest recharge time.