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Garmin Force Kraken Trolling Motor | A First Look

Wired2fish’s Kyle Peterson provides a first impressions review of the Garmin Force Kraken Trolling Motor rigged on a proven multi-species boat, the Lund Pro-V. Stemming from the original Force, the Kraken offers a live sonar-optimized foot pedal experience, allowing for accurate lineups and targeting while including features like the anchor lock and gesture control.

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A significant design update of the Kraken is its self-aligning pivot-style trolling motor. The self-aligning trolling motor head ensures external transducers are protected when stowing. Moreover, LiveScope’s integration directly into the shaft means there are no extra cables to worry about, providing a streamlined setup.

The Kraken stands out in terms of power and rigidity, especially when tested on a fully-fueled 2075 Pro-V, which is no lightweight in fishing boats. Regardless of the fishing type – be it Muskie, lake trout, or panfish – the Kraken delivers consistent performance, making it one of the most potent trolling motors available.

Peterson points out the user-friendly nature of Kraken’s controls—the foot pedal and hand remote employ Bluetooth technology. The initial pairing process is similar to the original Force, offering the option of a hardwired or wireless connection. This wireless feature allows anglers to maneuver the boat from any position. LED indicators provide a clear look at current power levels day or night.

A securing bracket enhances travel with the motor in the stow position, ensuring stability in big waves or over rough roads. Furthermore, the Kraken’s adaptability shines through, compatible with 24-volt and 36-volt power sources.

Drawing from his extensive experience with the original Garmin Force Trolling Motor, Peterson recognizes the advancements in the Kraken, particularly appreciating the LiveScope integration and its brushless technology. With these features, the Kraken is an excellent option for those looking for longer-length trolling motors and a pivot-style mount.