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Jig Fishing Walleyes from a Kayak | Deadsticking

Wired2fish’s McKeon Roberts showcases how to jig fish for finicky walleyes from a kayak. A tough bite forces Roberts to pivot from snap jigging walleye with jigs and plastics to real shiner minnows. He provides detailed instructions on effectively hooking shiner minnows to combat short strikes. This tutorial is helpful whether you fish for walleyes from the shore, a boat, or fishing from a kayak.

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In this video, Roberts navigates the unique rocky bottom of Manitoba’s pristine Family Lake at Shining Falls Lodge – a classic Canadian Shield lake. While there is no best fishing kayak for all situations, Old Town’s Sportsman PDL works excellently to maintain precise boat control. Roberts uses the kayak’s pedal system to control speed and maintain optimal positioning, an essential skill when jig fishing for walleyes in the wind.

Due to the challenging bite and bottom-hugging fish, Roberts drags the jig and shiner on the bottom to entice bites. The walleyes prefer his jig fished slowly and on the bottom, so he positions the bow into the wind and uses the kayak’s pedal system to hold it in place or drift very slowly. When he spots fish on his fish finder, he hovers the kayak in place and works the jig in front of the fish.

Rather than setting the hook immediately, Roberts lets the walleye hold onto the jig and minnow before setting the hook to reduce short strikes. A medium-light power rod with a soft, sensitive tip is crucial for detecting bites without alerting the walleye.

This video is not just about catching walleyes but also about appreciating their beauty and enjoying the tranquility of nature. It’s a treasure trove of information for anyone interested in jig fishing for walleyes from a kayak. Be sure to check out our Kayak Fishing Channel for more in-depth content.