Jacob Wheeler Opens Up on the Jabber Jaw Squarebill Crankbait

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Squarebill crankbaits and bladed jigs are dominant bass fishing lures because they allow you to cover a ton of water and consistently trigger reaction strikes. 13 Fishing has combined attributes of each in their new Jabber Jaw squarebill crankbait, which consists of an oscillating metal lip affixed to a realistic and stout squarebill body via a metal-lined hinge point. The result is an excellent performing squarebill that also makes a subtle clicking sound, whether contacting cover or retrieved in open water.

We caught up with Jacob Wheeler for a quick lesson in squarebill cranking shallow-water cover for fall reservoir bass keying in on threadfin shad. Wheeler takes a moment to talk about the importance of showing bass something they haven’t seen or heard. The Jabber Jaw fits this niche with its unique original design, colors, components, and overall build quality.