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Is Side Imaging Fish Finder Technology Right for You?

The goals of this video are to 1) prove that side imaging technology produces highly detailed pictures far off to the sides of the boat, and 2) help you decide if this technology is right for your fishing situation. To accomplish this, we filmed on an ultra-clear lake and drove a shallow rock flat covered with boulders and also containing sunken boats and tires. An in-boat camera was focused on the fish finder screen while a drone flew overhead (synched with in-boat camera). Jeff “Kolo” Kolodzinski simply drives the structure and makes observations of what he’s seeing onscreen while the overhead drone shot confirms the accuracy of the side imaging return.


The fishing applications of side imaging are many. Unlike traditional sonar or down imaging, side imaging reveals key structure, cover and even fish off to sides of your boat. Rocks, trees, sunken brush and even manmade objects like boats and tires are clearly visible. The angler is then able to make informed fishing location decisions and even place GPS waypoints on items of interest and return to fish these select nuggets immediately or at a later time.

The technology featured in this video is Humminbird’s high-frequency MEGA Imaging, which is optimized to produce accurate lifelike returns. For a broader look at several of today’s fish finder technologies, check out Jeff’s comprehensive How to Read Fish Finder Sonar Technologies video. It’s a straightforward inspection of 2D sonar, down imaging, side imaging and mapping complete with excellent drone and underwater video support. It’ll take the mystery out of these units and help you determine the best product for your fishing needs and budget.