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Hunter Shryock’s Top 3 Flipping and Pitching Baits

For Bassmaster Elite Series pro Hunter Shryock, the flipping and pitching techniques are his favorite ways to catch bass throughout the year. He shares his top three all-time go-to flipping and pitching baits that boost his confidence, get bites all year round, and give him the edge in pressured fisheries.

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At the top of Shryock’s list is the Berkley MaxScent Creature Hawg. Noted for its unique glide action, the bait forgoes the usual flappy appendages for a falling, darting action that often outperforms other baits. Coupled with the MaxScent technology that encourages fish to hold on longer, this bait is Shryock’s number one choice in most conditions, particularly in green pumpkin and black and blue colors.

Next in the lineup is the Berkley MaxScent General five-inch. Contrary to common belief, this straight-tail worm is an excellent flipping and pitching bait, especially in summer. Despite its subtlety, this bait lures fish effectively and is a must-have for tournament anglers seeking that critical extra bite before weigh-in.

Last but certainly not least, Shryock reveals his secret weapon: the Crash Craw. This bait mimics the action of brim with its paddle tails and bulbous body, making it highly effective when targeting bass in grass and mats. Shryock recommends switching to the 4.5 version for larger, more action-oriented fish, which doubles as a fantastic swim jig trailer.

Shryock concludes with a simple reminder not to overthink color selection: green pumpkin and black and blue are universally effective. Apply these baits in the habitats where fish live, and brace for the bite!