How to Install the Minn Kota Ulterra Trolling Motor

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In this comprehensive video tutorial, expert boat rigger Andy Kratochvil of FishLectronics walks you through installing a Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motor using a quick release bracket. The quick release bracket makes it easy to remove the trolling motor when not in use, establishing a perfect fit with your boat cover or if you need to remove the trolling motor for repair.


Starting with the essential tools needed for the job, Andy demonstrates how to install the MKA-32 Quick Release Bracket, followed by guidance on properly positioning the trolling motor on your boat. This includes avoiding contact with the trailer during launching and landing, preventing the trolling motor from hitting the boat when deployed, ensuring the trolling motor head doesn’t hit objects like docks in the stowed position, and avoiding interference with the bow light.

Using masking tape, we mark the trolling motor’s final determined position and attach it to the boat with the provided fasteners. We share several helpful tips, such as using an anti-seize compound when fastening stainless steel components, to guarantee a smooth installation. Next, Andy demonstrates how to mount the trolling motor to the boat and install the prop on the trolling motor, ensuring the drive pin on the drive shaft fits into the prop. Proper cord management is essential, so we explain the function of each cord, including the foot pedal plug, trolling motor sonar transducer cord, and i-Pilot link cord, which connects to a compatible Humminbird fish finder for i-Pilot link functionality.

Finally, he covers mounting the heading sensor by using a compass to find a suitable location with minimal magnetic resistance. In longer boats with a greater distance between the heading sensor and trolling motor head, we discuss powering the heading sensor with a temporary power supply and ensuring proper communication between the heading sensor and trolling motor. We wrap up with instructions on pairing the heading sensor and trolling motor for seamless operation.

This in-depth guide will provide you with all the necessary information to easily install your Minn Kota Ulterra trolling motor, ensuring an enjoyable and hassle-free boating experience. And if this job is beyond your capability, please give Andy a ring (218-568-4806) or drop him an email!

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