2022 Xpress Boats X21 Pro Walk Through Video

I’ve had my Xpress Boats X21 Pro on the water for a little over 6 months now and wanted to share a walk through of it now that I’ve had time to use it on the water a bunch, tow it a bunch, rig it out a few different ways and get a feel for all of the new-to-me features. I shared my thoughts on why I switched to an aluminum boat for fishing in a previous post. But now that I’ve ran the boat, motor, electronics for several months in a variety of conditions and seasons, I can give me real on-the-water experiences with the new Xpress Bass Boats.

I talked about a ton of features on the Xpress Boats X21 Pro including the following:

  • Large, wide decks
  • Ample storage space
  • Responsive ride
  • Load balancing
  • Works for multiple species
  • Economical towing
  • Ability to fish shallow water
  • Ability to get up and down quickly in any water
  • Seadek flooring
  • Yamaha 4-stroke SHO
  • Garmin electronics
  • Dakota Lithium batteries

Featured Equipment:


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