Mastering The Berkley Krej | Fishing Tips & Tricks!

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Astute anglers always look for new lures and techniques to trick fish into biting. Collegiate bass angler Nick Dumke hits the water with the Berkley Krej, which resembles a jerkbait in profile, but fishes much differently. While the Krej presents an appealing jerkbait appearance, its unique back-sliding action opens the door to several new applications, both with and without forward-facing sonar. Dumke discusses several ways he fishes the Krej. At the same time, he shares guidance on how not to fish this innovative bait.

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Fishing the Berkley Krej offers a unique advantage due to its versatility. Dumke demonstrates how to target bass around specific structure and cover elements with the Krej, then seamlessly target suspended fish on the next cast. Key tips include not overworking the bait, as too much rod work can deter bass. Instead, Dumke recommends gentle rod pops to mimic natural prey movements.


Like a jerkbait, the Krej can be fished in many ways, making it an excellent choice for forward-facing sonar practitioners. But it also excels without the use of forward-facing sonar, with Dumke highlighting the counting method to reach the target-specific depth. The Berkley Krej fishes well on a typical jerkbait rod. Dumke opts for a 12-pound fluorocarbon line paired with a medium-power, fast to moderate-fast rod.

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