How to Fish Big Squarebill Crankbaits Around Timber

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Pro bass angler Stephen Browning shares his expert knowledge on fishing squarebill crankbaits  for bass around woody cover. In this video, Browning demonstrates the art of maneuvering a sizeable squarebill crankbait around standing timber and utilizing your boat to help you cast the bait right up against the tree.

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Strategies with Squarebill Crankbait

Browning explains his technique of making long casts, using the boat’s drift and rod to manipulate the crankbait to create a series of fish-triggering movements. He emphasizes the importance of changing cast angles and making multiple casts at these trees, particularly when the fish aren’t aggressive.

Mastering the Art of Casting

In the second half of the video, Browning provides valuable insights on fishing in standing timber and cypress trees. He shares his experience of fan casting around the trees and realizing the fish are not necessarily related to the visible cover but to stumps and other structures away from standing trees. He further elaborates on his successful fishing technique of rolling a big squarebill, creating a tremendous amount of vibration that entices fish, particularly in the early morning when fish are likely feeding and chasing shad.

Unveiling the Perfect Setup

Browning also shares his insights on creating the perfect setup for using a big squarebill crankbait. He shares his preferred equipment, including a 20-pound copolymer line, a solid glass rod, and a 2.5 series squarebill crankbait. Browning favors a slower retrieval rate, ensuring the bait emits optimal vibrations. He concludes the video by encouraging viewers to change their casting directions, vary their retrieves, and be bold with going big with their baits.