Flipping and Pitching Heavy Cover | 2 Rod Approach

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In this action-packed bass fishing video, join Wired2fish’s Nick Dumke as he demonstrates expert flipping and pitching techniques for heavy cover. With miles of similar looking habitat, Dumke breaks down how to pinpoint those sweet spots that attract groups of bass during the summer months.

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The secret to success lies in the choice of baits. Dumke introduces two tried-and-true setups for flipping heavy cover. Sleek, compact baits excel in this kind of terrain. Choosing a bait that is designed for maximum efficiency is key, allowing you to fish cleanly in and out of cover.

The ability to attack anything he comes across while flipping, depending on the density of the cover, is essential. This two prong approach Dumke uses with a ½-ounce and ¾-ounce weight gives him the flexibility to pick apart both the thinnest and thickest pieces of cover. Complemented by a 7’4” to 7’6” heavy action rod and a high-speed gear ratio reel, his setup ensures accuracy in casting and picking apart tiny pockets that may hold bass while having enough torque to rip them out of the jungle. Rounding it off, Dumke explains the importance of choosing the right hook and line based on the cover conditions.

Stealth is essential in tight quarters fishing like this. Dumke shares his tips for quietly moving through the water silently. Subtle details like trimming the outboard, turning down the trolling motor, and making smooth, silent bait entries are small technicalities that get you a few more bites throughout the day. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, these summer bass fishing tips will boost your success in heavy cover.