Buzzbait Fishing 101 | Expert Tips and Tricks

Looking to cover water and catch big fish? Look no further than the buzzbait! In this video, Major League Fishing Pro Andy Montgomery shows the ins and outs of fishing with a buzzbait, including the best gear to use and the key techniques to help you catch more fish.

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One of the best things about buzzbait fishing is its versatile ability that can be used in various conditions. Other than the dead of winter, a buzzbait is a great option for most times of the year down south, especially on windy, overcast days. Montgomery says the biggest advantage of fishing a buzzbait is that it allows you to quickly cover a lot of water.

Unlike other topwaters that force you to slow down, a simple cast and wind is all that’s needed to work a buzzbait. Montgomery delivers a tip on how pointing your rod straight at the bait will minimize snags and hangups. He almost treats it as a frog to a certain extent. Montgomery explains that you shouldn’t be afraid to throw a buzzbait around the thickest of cover.

Breaking down the setup, Montgomery prefers to use a soft plastic on his buzzbait instead of the traditional skirt. This allows the fish to key in on something hard. A 7’3” medium-heavy rod paired with a fast gear ratio reel is ideal for making long casts, picking up slack, and pulling fish out of heavy cover. Montgomery likes using 20-pound fluorocarbon, a nice middle ground between monofilament and braid. Other options may suit you better depending on the situation. With the right gear, techniques, and setup, you’ll be well on your way to reeling in more fish than ever before on a buzzbait!

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