Buzzbait Basics for Bass Fishing Grass Flats

It’s difficult fishing heavily vegetated grass flats with moving baits other than topwater lures, and for Wired2Fish’s Mitch Anderson, the choice comes down to using a frog or buzzbait. In many situations, buzzbaits are a better tool. They’re fished with a straight retrieve for starters, allowing you to burn water like few baits. And secondly, buzzbaits produce an aggressive sound and vibration that draws active bass from further distances than frogs.


Buzzbaits are an excellent locator tool when bass are most active – usually early morning or late evening hours. Anderson marks the location of where he catches or moves bass then circles back with a jig or Texas rig if the topwater bite fizzles.

With hundreds of options on the market, choosing a good-performing buzzbait takes a critical eye. Anderson explains what he looks for in a quality buzzbait, emphasizing his preference for lighter gauge wire and a blade that contacts the head. Lastly, he shares his preferred rod, reel and line combo for getting solid hookup and extractive bass from heavy cover. 

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