Advantages of Tournament Bass Fishing Out of Aluminum Xpress Boats

Harvey Horne has been fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series for a couple of years, won a BASS Open on the Arkansas River in 2018 and has done it all out of an Xpress Boat. He talks about his road from aluminum, to fiberglass and back to aluminum in pursuing his dream of professional tournament fishing across the country. 

Horne goes through some of the features of Xpress Boats that give him confidence to fish big waters while being stealthy enough to get into the ultra skinny backwaters that some of his competitors can’t reach. It’s the best of all worlds without sacrificing storage space, top end speed, and added benefits like Seadek, lighter weight for longer runs, better towing economy and many more savings.

And we were interrupted by a big fish at the end of our shoot.


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