Buzz Versus Hollow-Body Frogs | When and How to Fish

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Join professional angler Cliff Pace in this exciting video as he demonstrates frog bass fishing techniques, focusing on buzz and hollow-body frogs. Learn how to effectively use these baits in various fishing scenarios and improve your angling game.

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In the video, Pace shares insights on a thrilling morning on the water. He showcases how to maximize your chances of catching bass using buzz frogs and hollow-body frogs. The buzz frog is perfect for covering water quickly and generating reaction bites, while the hollow body frog, specifically the popping frog, excels at targeting specific, high-percentage areas.

As Pace points out, adapting to changing conditions throughout the day is essential. Slow down and deliberate with your casts when the sun rises, and fish become more concentrated in denser cover. He demonstrates how the popping frog’s resistance allows for a slower presentation, keeping the bait in the strike zone longer and increasing your chances of catching fish.

In addition, Cliff shares tips on rod, reel, and line setups for frog bass fishing. He emphasizes the importance of using a braided line and prefers a moderate-speed reel and a 7-foot-3-inch rod for casting accuracy.

Get ready to enhance your frog bass fishing skills with Cliff Pace as your guide. Discover how to effectively utilize buzz and hollow-body frogs in various conditions, leading to unforgettable mornings on the water. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business.