Spring Bass Fishing with Prop Baits | When, Where, and How

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For most bass anglers, topwater lures aren’t the first bait category that comes to mind when targeting spring bass. Prop baits however, have a long history of putting up solid catches, particularly on the mighty grass lakes of Florida. Randall Tharp discusses where to target bass with prop baits and how to fish them to trigger prespawn and even spawning fish. 

Rather than casting and jerking the bait around, Tharp emphasizes the importance of tempered 6- to 8-inch pulls to generate the ideal sound and disturbance. Whereas a lot of topwater baits are big and bold, quality prop baits have a subtler sound and surface disturbance, a plus when targeting wary bass in skinny water. As such, casting distance and accuracy stacks the odds in your favor. Tharp shares his go-to rod and line setup for making long, precise casts while also having the horsepower to haul big bass up and out of the cover.




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