Best Ice Fishing Lures for Perch

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Big yellow perch, aka jumbo perch, is a top gamefish for ice anglers as they’re willing biters and excellent to eat. Wired2fish’s Nick Dumke simplifies the lure selection learning curve by sharing his list of best ice fishing lures for perch. With his expertise and basic tactics, Dumke showcases his confidence baits, from aggressive minnow imitators to those more akin to insect larvae.


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As Dumke illustrates, targeting jumbo perch requires a specific approach. Unlike ice fishing for panfish like crappies or bluegills, perch often exhibit more aggressive behavior, especially when heavily schooled. This characteristic calls for a selection of larger, more aggressive baits such as lipless crankbaits and spoons. Dumke skillfully demonstrates the use of these lures, highlighting their ability to attract perch through sound and vibration.

Adaptability is key in ice fishing, and Dumke emphasizes the need to switch between various lure sizes and types depending on the perch’s behavior and environmental conditions. He explains how downsizing to smaller spoons or plastics can be more effective in certain situations like cold weather or at the end of the winter season. These lures mimic the natural perch diet, making them an excellent option when bigger, more aggressive baits fail to produce.

Let’s be honest, sometimes the situation demands meat. Dumke recognizes the importance of live bait in perch fishing. He explains how using minnows, euro larvae, and wax worms can provide that extra edge needed to entice a bite. His comprehensive lineup of artificial lures with live bait will cover you no matter the situation.

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