Bed Fishing Tips: Catch More Bass During Spawn!

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In this video, Kyle Welcher shares some valuable tips on how to bed fish for bass. He hops the bait using an unpegged Texas-rigged creature bait and allows the weight to fall away. The fluttering plastic in front of the bass often triggers a reaction.

Accurate casting is critical, with the line draped over the fish’s nose and the rod tip held high to manage the line at the correct angle. When placing the bait, it’s best to have it six to eight inches past the fish. When you hop the plastic toward the fish’s mouth, they usually react by grabbing it.

The best time to force-feed bedding bass is when the males make beds and the females have yet to lay eggs. In this situation, the fish are not committed to protecting the beds and will only move the bait a little. Finding a fish that will stay put before attempting this technique is crucial.

Bed fishing for bass is a skill that requires practice, patience, and persistence. Following these simple guidelines can increase your chances of success and hook more bass.

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