A New and Easy Method for Dock Skipping Bass

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Dock shooting (aka dock skipping) has become a popular crappie fishing technique because it allows you to easily skip a lightweight lure under docks and other overhanging cover. The same tactic can be applied to bass fishing docks, and as Wired2Fish’s Mitch Anderson notes, it allows you to place baits into holes difficult to hit with standard dock skipping techniques. It’s also the fastest and easiest to master for those new to dock fishing.

Mitch walks us through how he scouts and approaches the best-looking docks, then employs the technique with specialized tackle. The Gene Larew Bass Shooter features a flat profile that skips like a stone – spinning gear coupled with braid is essentially a bow and arrow, line driving lures into hard-to-reach areas. This isn’t a replacement to conventional skipping techniques, rather a fun and efficient alternate way to gets baits far underneath docks.


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