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2-Pronged Senko System for Grass Flat Bass

Bass relate to grass beds year round, so there isn’t a bad time to search them out for active fish. The challenge is usually finding them on expansive flats, with fast moving horizontal baits like crankbaits and spinnerbaits usually getting the nod. Dave Lefebre relies on a 5” Yamamoto Senko rigged weightless on a on a 3/0 offset worm hook for quickly covering water. A Senko isn’t the first presentation to come to most angler’s minds, but Dave demonstrates how easily and seductively the bait skips and moves through the water at speed, then seamlessly transitions to a slow moving finesse plastic when you find the fish. He always has a companion spinning rod rigged with a 5” wacky-rigged Senko as a followup lure.

Lefebre’s 2-Pronged Senko System: