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Young Daughter Nets $25,000 Bass for Father

We absolutely love to see parents getting their children involved in the outdoors. So naturally, when this story came across our desks, we couldn’t help but share it with our readers. 

According to, Brian Horton and his 8-year-old daughter Anna Grace fished the Mark’s Outdoors Open fishing tournament together on Logan Martin Lake this past weekend. As he was fishing a stretch of vegetation with a Stanley Ribbit, a giant 7-pound largemouth inhaled it.


Just like her father taught her, Anna Grace netted the fish like a pro. But it wasn’t any old fish. It resulted in an extremely rare $25,000 prize. 

For the past 21 years, this particular tournament trail has promised to award $25,000 to any angler who catches a bass weighing exactly 7.00 pounds. If the weight holds true after being weighed two additional times, the angler earns a hefty payday. After 21 years and approximately 21,000 anglers to cross the scales, the check had never been awarded. 

Until Ms. Anna Grace scooped up her dad’s fish of a lifetime. It was reported she asked to go to Disney World—her dad said yes.