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When to Drop Shot Bass on Shallow Grass Flats with Brent Ehrler

When drop shotting bass comes to mind, most anglers think about fishing the finesse setup on specific, deeper spots known to be holding fish. However, finesse fishing ace Brent Ehrler throws a curveball in this video by using a drop shot on a shallow flat to find and trigger bass unwilling to eat topwater lures and other more aggressive moving baits.


Whether fishing docks with a light-line setup in clear water or using a bubba shot rig with casting gear around grass and wood, the drop shot is more versatile than anglers give it credit. Ehrler spotted bass blowing up on shad on the top of an expansive grass flat on this day. In addition to bass denying his topwater, grassy debris made it difficult to work a trebled lure. His shad-imitating drop shot plastic fished clean through the grass while closely imitating the forage.

This video serves as a good lesson not to overlook grabbing something light and finesse when you know bass are relating to a specific area.