Vicious Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

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Vicious was born at ICAST in 2006.  The idea was to launch with branded fishing line and then grow the product offering over time through partnerships with industry products looking for a brand identity.  Not that it hasn’t come with challenges, but the brand today is well represented in several industry categories and poised to take the next step in fulfilling this dream. 

The brand has always benefited from a desirable name, logo and icon — even outside the industry. This logo was destined to represent premium products and going forward, it will do just that.  At ICAST 2016, Vicious will be represented on many products that are looking to re-define their respective categories from the unmatched lens technology in Vicious Vision to the patent-pending Bait Dye and the ground-breaking technology in our soon-to-be-released premium braid.  From this point forward, if it says Vicious, you can believe it’s going to be a top-notch, quality product.

“I’ve worked with some big brands in my life, but I’ve never seen a brand that naturally attracts attention like Vicious.  We are often stopped to get explanations on our icon, Vic.  I’ll never forget when we were sitting in a meeting with executives from a large partner and one of them says, ‘Pardon my French, but your logo is badass!’ It’s not the first time we’ve heard it, but it certainly validated our belief in the brand’s potential,” exclaimed Greg Meunier, Vicious VP of Sales & Marketing.

Meunier added, “We feel it’s time for the Vicious brand to live up to this potential.  We’re actively searching for partners and products that offer new technology or premium attributes and are looking forward to what this new brand direction can deliver.”