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When and How to Drop Shot Bass in Grass

Take it from Jacob Wheeler, drop shot rigging isn’t just for rock piles or wood. Putting the setup to work in weed beds often out-produces conventional Texas rigging, jigs and other weedless presentations but requires some rigging knowledge and the correct gear.

Wheeler dives into the importance of using a braided mainline to a heavier fluorocarbon leader. Light yet strong braid reduces wind drift while delivering excellent strength and abrasion resistance around cover. While offset hooks work, Wheeler prefers Texas rigging finesse worms using a straight shank hook. He explains his case and favorite hook for Texas rigging thin-profiled baits.

While grass certainly transmits differently than hard cover, the concept of reading the cover is pretty much the same. Jacob explains the importance of feeling the weeds and working the bait in place next to clumps or other anomalies. As with any Texas-rigged bait, you need some hook setting power to drive the hook home through the plastic and into the mouth – Wheeler details how to execute successful hook sets when drop shotting Texas-rigged plastics.