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How and Where to Fish Weedless Swimbaits

Hard-thumping paddle tail swimbaits like the weedless-rigged Megabass MAGDRAFT FREESTYLE remain an overlooked option for big bass around cover. Chris Zaldain shares several pointers for maximizing the effectiveness of all weedless swimbaits when bass are relating to the thick stuff.

Chris notes that weedless swimbaits excel anywhere you’d throw baits like swim jigs and spinnerbaits; think grass clumps, grass flats, laydowns and even dense shallow cover where you’d typically fish buzz toads or hollow body frogs. Zaldain notes that a slow-to-moderate retrieve speed is most effective with this lure style but it’s important to position your rod properly relative to the bait. Chris covers all this and more in this informative swimbait video.

Check out this video for details on rigging the MAGDRAFT FREESTYLE.