Some of the Craziest Catches While Fishing

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One of the best parts of fishing is oftentimes the things that happen on the water that you didn’t expect. Seeing some cool wildlife, crazy weather patterns, catching an unexpected or big fish, and of course the oddball things you sometimes catch that you least expect.

Recently, stories about weird catches have circulated like the one about 3 lobster fishermen in Maine who saved a deer that had swam 5 miles offshore as well as a story about an angler from Indiana who caught a live grenade.

To shine a light on other unconventional catches that have taken place in lakes, coastlines, and rivers across the world, Fishbrain, the largest social media network and app just for anglers, asked its 9 million users to submit details of the strangest things they’ve ever caught while fishing.

Crazy Catches

With hundreds of anglers sharing tales and images of their strangest catches, here are just a few highlights:

  • Moose Munoz from Oregon caught a pair of glasses he lost the year before
  • Lori Vellutini from Louisiana hooked a pair of underwear
  • Benny from Australia caught a magazine of bullets with two missing
  • Colton Dollison from Texas caught an unopened can of Vienna sausages
  • Chris Schultz from Canada caught a decapitated tuna head—with the body ripped off by an orca 
  • Ben Neeley from Michigan hooked a set of car keys
  • G.D. from USA caught a bag of fish and cow parts
  • Mustapha Abdulwahab from Australia caught a coffee machine
  • Mike Wittmer from California caught a dragonfly
  • Carter Swenson from the USA caught a skateboard
  • Daniel Joo from the USA reeled in a still working watch
  • Travis Vidaurri from Texas caught a giant American bullfrog
  • Daniel Sloan from the USA caught a huge snapping turtle

“From historic artifacts to potential new life forms, it seems as though everything under the sun has ended up on somebody’s line—apart from the legendary ‘one that got away’,” said Johan Attby, CEO and Founder of Fishbrain.

“You can never tell what lies beneath the murky depths. The allure of fishing is the sense of the unknown; you may set out hoping to catch a salmon and end up with a seven-foot sturgeon – or even a skateboard! However, there is a worrying trend of discarding waste into our waterways, and this is something Fishbrain actively encourages anglers to address through its work with conversation groups.”

Check out a bunch more crazy catches below, and if you’ve got a crazier one, we want to see and hear it!

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Big old Turtle

Frogs work on bull frogs too

Caught an old chair

coffee anyone?

How about an old skateboard

More Crazy Catches

We’ve had crazy catches as well like this snapping turtle attacking a hooked smallmouth on film.

BUT, WE WANT TO SEE YOUR CRAZIEST CATCHES! We’ll post this story on Facebook and we want to see your crazy catches to add to this story. 

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