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Paddle Tail Swimbaits: How Lighter Line Improves Success

Choosing the right fishing line for the situation impacts not only your ability to land bass but just as importantly, your ability to get bit in the first place. Jacob Wheeler explains the importance of downsizing your fishing line to get the best possible action out of paddle tail swimbaits.


Soft swimbaits are designed to mimic the natural swimming action of baitfish, but their balance and action are often impaired by fluorocarbon or monofilament line greater than 14-pound test (diameter of ~ 0.013”). Wheeler encourages anglers to swap rods or line to dial-in the best possible action, whether it be 8-pound test for clear water smallmouth bass or up to 14-pound test for bigger baits and bass relating to cover. For Wheeler, it comes down to confidence. The odds sway more heavily in favor of anglers that pay attention to the details and get it right.