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Flogger for Sight Fishing Deep Water

Poor Boys Baits wants you to flog them…You’ve been waiting for it and it is finally here. In June of 2009 Chad Pipkens weighed in a scale-smashing 28lb bag of smallmouth bass at the Michigan Division BFL tournament on Burt & Mullet Lakes. What was the secret to his success? This tool right here. Affectionately, it is called “The Flogger” because by using it, you can put a flogging on the fish. Drop it in the water and get a clear picture of the bottom of the lake.

And it’s not just for sight fishing. This tool is extremely valuable anytime you are interested in seeing more detail under the water. In our clear northern waters it can be used to help you understand the bottom content, rocks, weeds types, etc. You can know exactly what is down there and not just guess.

Of course, the Flogger comes into prime use during the spawn. Instead of guessing whether or not that “dark spot” is a bed, you can drive right over to it, drop down the flogger, and know for sure. Sometimes you can even see fish on the bed if they do not spook off. It saves time and gives you increased confidence in bed fishing.

This tool will revolutionize sight fishing. Seldom do new tools like this come along that become “must-have” items. Usually when they do come along, they are outrageously priced. For $110 you can understand exactly what is going on beneath the water. This tool will improve your knowledge of bass habitat and give you a competitive edge.

Call up Poor Boy’s Baits at 260-463-2687. Ask specifically for Kim Straley. She will set you up and take care of you. Tell her you want a flogger.

Good luck!