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How to Make Your Jig Trailers Last Longer

The success of chunk-style jig trailers is well documented across the country. Instead of threading them up the shank of your jig, these old-school trailers simply hang from the bend of the hook. 

According to Elite Series pro Randall Tharp, that’s what makes it so effective throughout the entire year. 

“Chunks, such as the Zoom Big Salty, definitely slow your jig’s rate of fall and displace a lot more water than smaller, more streamlined trailers,” Tharp said. “But most importantly, the more plastic you have around that hook point, the more likely you are to hook every bass that bites. In my opinion, your hookup ratio is infinitely better with a chunk-style trailer than any other.”

The problem with chunks


Despite the effectiveness of chunks, they pose a problem—especially when skipping your jig underneath overhanging cover such as boat docks. Just one bad cast or a few fish catches will often send them flying off of your jig, resulting in more money and re-rigging. 

Essentially, there’s only a small section of plastic holding your chunk in place. 

“You want that chunk hanging off the back because when paired with a 1/2-ounce jig, it mimics a bluegill and crawfish almost perfectly,” Tharp said. “But without any modifications, you’ll only catch a fish or two before you’re digging through your tackle, searching for a replacement.”

The simple solution


To combat this common problem, Tharp inserts a toothpick horizontally into the head of his chunk. After trimming both ends flush with the sides, this creates a place from which the chunk can hang without easily ripping the soft plastic. 


“When I’m getting tackle ready and expect a good jig bite, I’ll go through 5 packs of Zoom Big Salty Chunks and put toothpicks in each one,” Tharp said. “I was getting 50 or 60 jig bites a day at Bull Shoals this year and instead of going through dozens of chunk packs, I only went through a couple. Time is money to me and this modification helps me be much more efficient on the water.”