How to Fish Jigs for Big Bass with Roland Martin

Legends of fishing. The likes of Roland Martin and the late Ron Lindner put thoughtful smiles on our faces from their indelible contributions to the sport we love and larger-than-life personalities. Lifelong fishing educators have seen it all, giving them the ability to transcend generations to deliver useful content for anglers of all skill levels and ages. Wired2Fish caught up with Roland Martin at famed Baccarac Lake lodge for a lesson in structure fishing heavy jigs for magnum-sized bass.


Martin shares an excellent tutorial on using “the counting method” to approximate depth and the location of structure without a fish finder — useful information if you’re a bank or boat fisherman without electronics. He explains the differences between bite detection and setting the hook with jigs vs. worm fishing. Lastly, Martin discusses when he prefers using braid with a fluorocarbon leader over straight fluorocarbon or monofilament fishing line. 

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