How to Find the Best Mud Lines for Bass Fishing

Todd Castledine was breaking down a lake he’s only fished one other time and he quickly found that the bass seemed to be congregating where the wind had stirred up the bank and formed a mud line. Mud lines can be a great way to target bass. Castledine breaks down what makes for a good mud line, where he looks for them, how he fishes them and what is actually going on with the bass in a mud line.


He uses a Strike King Hack Attack Swim Jig to quickly cover water and catch a bunch of bass while fishing small bands of otherwise big areas to find more concentrated bass and speed up his fish catching by using the mud line to make him more efficient.

Some great advice for not just fishing mud lines but for finding the better ones that will hold bass.

Castledine expanded his thoughts from our shoot in a video of his own that you can watch here on his YouTube channel.

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