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How to Choose the Right Bass Jig Weight and Trailer

Greg Hackney discusses how he selects bass jig weights and trailers when fishing around any type of cover. The first thing he considers is water temperature — Greg trends toward lighter weights, say 1/2-ounce and lighter when water temps are below 65-degrees. Warm water fish species like bass and particularly Florida strain bass, are more lethargic the cooler the water temp.

Bass mood is the second consideration. If they’re not eating a faster-moving jig, then you need to saturate the cover more and a lighter jig a better tool. Greg emphasizes that bass will bite a heavy jig just as well as a light jig when it’s on the bottom, but you as an angler will tend to fish a heavy jig faster based on bottom contact. If you’re fishing too fast for the situation and feel you need to saturate the cover more, lighten up your jig and/or select a trailer that slows the rate of fall.

As closing guidance, Greg emphasizes the importance of fishing the heaviest jig you can get away with. Sometimes this means a 3/8-ounce, other times it’s a 1-ounce jig, but if bass are cooperative, a heavier jig allows you to fish faster, make more casts and cover water quicker.