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Master Depth Control With Lipless Crankbaits

Master Depth Control With Lipless Crankbaits

Timmy Horton ranks the lipless crankbait as the best all-around prespawn bass lure on grass lakes. A common challenge with baits in the most popular 1/2-ounce size is depth control; a moderate retrieve speed brings the bait toward the surface when you often want to work it deeper.

Horton’s solution to this problem is upsizing to a 3/4-ounce bait, but one that maintains the smaller 1/2-ounce body size. This allows you to reel fast and cover water while still achieving a deeper running depth. Timmy goes on to share his preferred rod, reel and line setup for this style of fishing. A high-speed casting reel in the 8.3:1 range is key for depth control and triggering speed experimentation while a stiffer rod allows for ripping the bait through grass.


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