Hand and Leg Stretches to Avoid Injury and Discomfort in Fishing

Alabama pro bass fisherman Aaron Martens has found stretching to be one of the reasons he’s never had an injury in professional fishing. He will do a series of hand and leg stretches before, during and after a long day of fishing. His favorite stretches for arms and legs help eliminate fatigue, cramping and repetitive motion injuries for bass fishing. These two videos highlight his hand stretches which also incorporate his forearms which is an issue many anglers face similar to “tennis elbow.” It’s actually a tendon issue in their forearm that gives them the pain in their elbow. Then he shows you how to stretch your calves which can cause issues with your knees when they get tight which is extremely common  if you spend much of the day with one foot on a trolling motor pedal.

Check out his other video on leg stretches here.

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