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How to Choose the Right Bass Jig for the Situation

A skirted bass jig is a notorious fish catcher regardless of time and place, but choosing the best jig for the situation can be tricky with countless design options. In this video, Wired2fish’s Kyle Peterson shares some simple guidelines to selecting the right bass jig, as well as a few overlooked tips to help you land more bites. 


Skipping jigs, swim jigs, roundball jigs, grass jigs, football jigs, etc., they all have a time and place depending on the type of cover, structure, and depth you’re fishing. On this day, Kyle had his focus set on grasslines. A jig with a vertical line tie paired with braid and a softer rod allowed for fishing the jig clean without getting fowled. Color can also be an essential consideration. Peterson prefers going natural by matching the jig color to the forage and water clarity.

Consider using trailers that have excellent durability — doing so reduces re-rigging downtime during flurries of activity. Lastly, Peterson shares a little homemade trick with maribou hair that can be perfect backup bait when your jig setup gets torn up in the flurry.