Bank Fishing River Smallmouth | Jacob Wheeler and Wired2Fish

What do you do when your buddy Jacob Wheeler is in town for a derby and boatless? You tie on the bank fishing shoes and head to the beautiful Mississippi River for some explosive smallmouth bass action! Wheeler, Brody McWilliams, and the Wired2Fish staff grab a handful of tackle with the hopes of tangling with some hot-tempered smallmouth in moving water.

Armed with a handful of Ned rigs, jigs, topwaters, jerkbaits, and plastics, the crew has us wishing we could fast-forward to the summer months. With nearly a year of COVID-19 under our belts, we’re thankful to be blessed with the fishing bug that binds us to the outdoors, grows friendships, and fosters social distancing. Stay healthful, and may your 2021 fishing season be the BEST EVER!





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