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AFW/Hi-Seas Relaunch Triple Fish Fishing Line

We got a note from AFW/Hi-Seas this morning that they will be re-releasing the Triple Fish fishing line in June due to popular demand. Here is their full release talking about why they are re-releasing and the advances in technology that will make this even better than the original line many anglers loved:

AFW (American Fishing Wire) and Filkemp S.A. announced the worldwide re-launch and distribution of the original Triple Fish® brand of monofilament, fluorocarbon lines and leaders starting June 1st, 2015. Filkemp S.A., a world leader in monofilament and fluorocarbon production and technology based in Portugal, owner of the registered trademark Triple Fish, has appointed AFW, a world leader in terminal tackle and fishing lines, exclusive distribution of the brand. This move reinforces the existing partnership between the two companies with HI-SEAS, and will expand their global market share.

“Today’s Triple Fish will deliver more performance and value by incorporating the latest extrusion technology and using advanced polymers”, explains Jose Ingles, VP of Sales and Marketing for Filkemp S.A. “We have complete trust in AFW to handle the spooling, packaging, inventory, and marketing out of their USA factory just like they have done with the HI-SEAS brand since 2004.”

“We’re excited to re-launch Triple Fish and to service the many loyal customers that have had difficulty finding the product over the past year or so”, states Michael Shields, VP of Sales and Marketing, “Triple Fish is known for dependable lines and leaders at economical price points, and we plan to build on this 54 year tradition working closely with Filkemp S.A., one of the most advanced monofilament and fluorocarbon producers of the world.”

“We will be offering European-made lines at razor sharp price points that independent dealers will recognize immediately. The new Triple Fish brand will offer unbeatable value and it is the perfect line for weekend warriors” said Steve Miller, Sales Director. “We are looking forward to giving stores and consumers more choices to shoulder our premium HI-SEAS brand of mono, fluorocarbon, and braid.”

AFW will be offering Triple Fish monofilament line in clear, camo, and pink colors on ¼ lb., 1 lb., 2 lb. and 5 lb. spools. They will also be selling the original mono leader from 15 lb. to 400 lb. test on 50 and 100 yard bracelets. Most significantly, they will be offering Triple Fish value-priced 100% fluorocarbon line from 2 to 125 lb. test on 200 yd., 600 yd. and 1 lb. spools, and fluorocarbon leader from 15 to 125 lb. test on 25, 50, and 100 yard bracelets and coils.

AFW has already begun building inventories of Triple Fish products, which it will maintain on a year-round basis for prompt shipment and quick reorder turnaround. AFW offers a complete selection of quality lines for all types of fishing and is ready to step in and resolve any line issues you may have as a consumer, retailer or distributor. For pricing and dealer information, call toll free (800) 824-9473 or email [email protected].